- c 10:00 до 01:00 по МСК Надежный обменный сервис - CashAdmin.ru - Вконтакте

The exchange is made in Moscow

Moscow-City, Federation tower East

operating time from 10-00 to 21-00 MSK


min.: 3000 USD, max.: 1000000 USD


max.: 28.02941524 BTC


an example of an account ВТС: 3HFGxrd1cewYYQuXsAwmuzWnMSQdZYquj4

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The execution of exchange:

  1. Make an application for exchange by filling out the form above.
  2. The operator will contact You and agree on the meeting.
  3. In the office — we count cash, fix the rate.
  4. Check the wallet address, send BTC.
Operator online
23.09.2019, 12:50